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Dog obedience and training from our professional dog trainer in PG, & Anne Arundel County, Bowie, Upper Marlboro, Odenton, Fort Meade , Severn, Cheverly 

Good Dog! Training, DBA: Bark Busters In Home Dog Training

Dog-FriendlY Dog Training That Works 

Dog obedience and training from our professional dog trainer in Pinellas County, FL Treasure Island, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St Petersburg, Dunedin, Largo, Tarpon Springs, FL

• We Come to You
• Puppies & Dogs Learn Best At Home
• Reverse Stubborn Bad Behaviors
• It's Never Too Late
• Trust Your Dog Out of the Crate
• Same Day Improvement
• Any Behavior, Age or Breed
• Customized to Your Dog
• In Real Settings
• No Punishment or Bribes
• Weekend, Evening, Daytime
• Socialization Included

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Our dog training is Recommended by Veterinarians more than any other company!

Compared to Other Dog Training, Bark Busters:

• Is Safer & Less Stressful Than Group Classes
• Addresses Root Causes of Behavior Issues
• Results in Better Trust, Bond & Focus
• Relies on Teaching vs Treats or Punishment
• Teaches you "The Language of the Dog"
• Results in Happy, Well-Balanced, Obedient Dogs
vs. Nervous, Fearful, or Stubborn Dogs

A Better Way to A Better Dog!

Outdoors & Indoors Puppy & Adult Dog Training:
• Separation Anxiety
• Car Anxiety
• Aggression
• Socialization
• Listening / Obey
• Loose Leash Walking
• Housebreaking
• Basic Obedience
• Advanced Obedience
• Behavior Modification

• Pulling
• Stubbornness
• Selective Listening
• Lunging
• Fighting
• Fearfulness
• Barking
• Chewing
• Nipping
• Destruction
• Attention Demanding
• Jumping Up

• Protective Issues
• Guarding Food, Bowl, Toys
• Cat Chasing
• Nervousness
• Stealing
• Counter Surfing
• Digging
• Nipping
• Biting
• Pulling
• Car Chasing
• Eating Rocks & Mulch

Help For: 
• Focus
• Walking to Heel
• House Training
• Crate Training
• AKC Canine Good Citizen
• Come when called /Recall
• Cage Free Training
• Potty pad or outside
• Puppy Classes
• Commands:
• "Come" "Drop-it" "Leave it"
• "Down" "Sit" "Stay" "Heel"... & more!

Call now to take the first step towards your best relationship with your dog!

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Private, In-Home
Dog Behavior Modificaton

Guaranteed Lifetime SupportOur Life-Of-The-Dog Guarantee means unlimited help. This guarantee stays with your dog even if you move!

Bark Busters is the ONLY dog training company with National Support & Unlimited Training help with a fixed upfront fee. This guarantee is automatically transferred. It stays with your dog even if you move or if your dog is temporarily or permanently re-housed! We'll return as many times as you need free of charge after the first private lesson with our Life-Of-The-Dog Guarantee. But don't be surprised if you get noticeable results on our first visit!

Girl and Her Puppy

Private & Convenient

Better than nearby or close by. We come to you! Why waste time driving to a group dog training class? Bark Busters comes to you. Dogs learn best at home, so you'll get faster results. We offer lifetime support & teach you to get an immediate improvement in your dog's behavior using friendly, proven methods. 

Our easy to afford, private, dog training lessons are preferred over group classes and are safer for all dogs & puppies.

Learn to be your dog's own "Dog Whisperer!"
Call now (727) 369-6809 or EMAIL

We are best equipped to diagnose & treat the real cause of dog behavior problems so you'll have a happy, relaxed, well behaved dog who can be socialized easily.

  • Flexible training you schedule as needed.
  • Positive, non-physical, friendly, effective, training methods.
  • A must for first time dog owners! Extremely Educational.
  • From simple obedience training to avoiding & resolving complex issues like: marking, aggression near new dogs or near strangers, over protective with food toys or you,, dominance, nervousness, fear, separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, destructive behavior & more.
  • Recommended by veterinarians in Clearwater, St Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Seminole, Indian Rocks, Palm Harbor, Tierra Verde
  • We'll help w/ socialization by introducing other dogs once your dog is ready. No extra charge!
  • Any age, It's never too late!
  • Your dog can listen and feel better!
  • Prevent your puppy from developing unwanted behaviors which tend to develop with age.
  • Unlimited help after your 1st visit, even for new issues!
  • Payment plans available.
  • Dogs learn faster at home with 1-on-1 coaching vs. in group obedience class or puppy school. Then obedience outside and with other distraction can be maintained w/out treats or stress.


When Choosing a Trainer

1) Ask what results you can expect so you don't waste time & money. Why pay for time if what you want are results? Don't get stuck paying by the lesson or hour. Most other methods yield slow results. Bark Busters offers unlimited dog training lessons because you should get ALL the help you need at an affordable, upfront cost. Bark Busters trainers give unlimited help for any dog behavior because we know how to address the root of the issues in the first session. We include same-day Q&A follow up support for quick answers when you need them. Your local Bark Busters certified dog trainer/behaviorist is there for you!

2) What do you teach? Our training advice & drills are all tailored to your dog and your specific objectives, not the objectives of a class instructor or others in a group setting. We help with any dog behavior. We include careful, controlled off-site socialization w/ other dogs when needed. This is important so your puppy doesn't become fearful by socializing in the wrong (overwhelming) way or if your dog was not properly socialized as a puppy! We can help if your dog has become aggressive with dogs or people for any reason.

3) How long does it take? Our clients are consistently amazed at how quickly their dogs learn! If you are thinking months, think days or hours! As soon as you learn to "speak dog," your dog will be more focused and compliant. Not to mention, relieved that you've learned to reduce their stress. And there's no financial gamble with Bark Busters because you get unlimited help. Dog training always happens faster when you speak dog & address the root of issues.

4) Why In-Home? Training at home is a must because dogs need to learn the rules of the house, how to greet people politely at the door, and what interactions are allowed with family & visitors, what not to chew, where to potty, how to focus at the onset of a walk, not to get into trash, boundaries, etc. This all is accomplished much faster when you teach it where it happens. Once dogs listen and behave at home, we include personal coaching off-site and around other dogs. Depending on your goals, outdoor work can happen on the first day we visit. 

5) Ask about the training methodology. Positive Only? Your dog needs lots of guidance and praise for good behavior. However, praising good behaviors doesn't always teach dogs what NOT to do. Many dog trainers rely on treats alone and don't ever communicate which behaviors are to be discouraged. Never hit or physically threaten your dog! Don't rub his nose in a mess! Instead, learn to communicate simple disapproval w/ out becoming physical or threatening. Dogs naturally respect clear signs of their pack leader's disapproval. You don't have to yell at your dog! Bark Busters teaches how to effectively and quickly discourage unwanted behaviors using body language, sound, and timing which all dogs already understand. Communicate, don't punish! We also teach canine leadership which dogs crave. Our drills always leave your dog feeling confident and happy that he/she has chosen the right path while improving the dog/owner bond!

Too Harsh? Beware! Many other training companies employ harsh or confusing methods which may result in the reduction of certain behaviors but most of those methods stress dogs and diminish your bond and your dog's trust. This is especially true of board-and-train programs and e-collar / shock collar programs. This can lead to other unwanted behaviors such as long lasting nervousness, mistrust of strangers and other dogs, not coming when called, and aggression. Domination is not the answer! Trusted leadership is. There is no need for your dog to fear you. Dogs naturally focus on owners who know how to show true canine leadership. Let Bark Busters teach you canine leadership & communication so your puppy or dog will behave & still trust you. Collars (like shock collars, bark collars) don't resolve the root cause of the issues and often result in more problems even when they seem to "work" in the moment.

6) Consider whether the training methods address the root cause of the issues or whether it just distracts or covers up the underlying cause of the behavior. Dogs do what they think is best or needed in the moment. Learn from us how to teach your dog that what his trusted leader knows best. Bark Busters trainers are certified behavioral therapists who can identify the root causes of dog obedience or behavior issues. Repetitive conditioning alone only covers up problems and won't hold up when you need it most. We'll teach you to communicate using clear canine body language dogs already naturally understand. You'll also get the knowledge needed for future success w/ countless behaviors from simple obedience to housebreaking, socialization, walking, stopping annoying chewing or stealing, to resolving the most complex dog behaviors like avoiding separation anxiety, aggression, fighting with other pets, and more. 

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Get your dog to listen with our proven dog training methods!
Bark Busters™ In-Home Dog Training provides training for any dog of any age with any issue.

Rated top dog training company serving Treasure Island, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St Petersburg, Dunedin, Largo, Tarpon Springs, FL

Call to talk about dog obedience / dog training with your local, professional dog trainer in FLORIDA.

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Bark Busters™In-Home Dog Training is rated the top dog training company by dog professionals, veterinary clinics & dog rescues. Sharon Kondash services Bark Buster clients in:  Pinellas County, FL Treasure Island, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Dunedin, Largo, Tarpon Springs, Tierra Verde, FL

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Sharon Kondash is a Dog Behavior Therapist & Master Trainer 

World-class private training!

Natural Communication
Many of our clients call us their local "Dog Whisperer." Our methods have been optimized over 25 years and have been proven to be active on over 1 million dogs of all ages and breeds.

Your home, yard, and neighborhood is where your dog issues occur. Private, in-home dog training allows us to set the scenes which relate to the behaviors you want to change (such as jumping up on visitors, barking at the door, pulling on walks, fussing in the crate, housebreaking, getting into the trash, chewing on furniture obedience w/ other pets, or kids, etc.) It's faster because private, In-home dog training allows your dog to focus with fewer distractions. Once your dog learns, real-world distractions are gradually added.

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